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Yogi Tea

365 life – Created for your life.

Best-seller products for every day consumption and for every lifestyle. A diverse range with a compelling price-performance ratio, tailored to the requirements of modern gastronomy. Minimalist design, which is captivating with matt pastel colours and a puristic presentation.

Assortment 365 life

365-life schwarzer tee
As a best-seller among teas, the 365 life Black Tea is an all-time favourite: with or without milk, with or without sugar, it works perfectly well with different connoisseurs.
black tea
365-life schwarzer tee vanille
Sweet, but rich! A strong black tea forms the base of this popular classic – vanilla completes the mild, perfectly balanced composition of the 365 life Black Tea Vanilla.
black tea vanilla
365-life grüner tee passionsfrucht
The 365 life Green Tea Passion fru- it favours all senses: Thanks to a delicately fruity, fresh taste of ripe passion fruit, the strong tea persua- des with unique tropical sweetness.
green tea passion fruit
365-life fenchel anis kümmel
Three flavour enhancers combine in a wonderfully soothing, delicately spicy and easily digestible flavour experi- ence, the herbal tea mixture 365 life Fennel Caraway Anise.
fennel caraway anise
365-life schwarzer tee earl grey
The 365 life Black Tea Earl Grey is a refreshing match for any occasion. Fruity bergamot oil adds the world-wi- de popular lemon-fresh flavour.
black tea earl grey
365-life grüner tee
With a healthy, wonderfully light and pure flavour, the 365 life Green Tea is the perfect beverage for all tea lovers who take pleasure in fine, elegant notes.
green tea
365-life rooibos vanille
The intense vanilla aroma adds a unique flavour to the 365 life Rooibos Vanilla: A mild-sweet herbal tea pleasu- re, to be enjoyed by tea lovers at any time.
rooibos vanilla
365-life hagebutte hibiskus
Subtly sour and fruity: The 365 life rose hip tea with hibiscus is extremely satisfying even without caffeine. Hot or cold, with or without sugar - this tea is a real indulgence at any time.
rosehip hibiscus
365-life ingwer zitrone
Comforting, soothing and chee- ring: In a perfect way, the 365 life Ginger Lemon Herbal Tea combi- nes fresh lemon with the stimula- ting sharpness of fresh ginger.
ginger lemon
365-life minze
The 365 life mint tea is a popular accompaniment, which, thanks to its natural menthol, refreshes and reinvi- gorates the gourmet on warm and cold days.
365-life kamille
The 365 life chamomile tea leaves a mild and pleasant aftertaste. Thanks to its high popularity, it is a part of every good assortment of teas.
365-life erdbeer himbeer
A genuine berry flavour explosion: The 365 life Strawberry Raspberry fruit tea captures both small and big tea lovers thanks to the sun-ripened, sweet fruit mixture.
strawberry raspberry
Intense, aromatic and as whole beans - that’s how the 365 life Espresso reaches you. The medium roast ensures a full-flavoured taste experience.
espresso beans
100% arabica
365-life crema
No problema with the Crema: The 365 life Café Crema is a mild and round creamy coffee. The French roast Arabica Blend persuades with aromatic flavour and strong caffeine.
crema beans
100% arabica
The classic 365 life filter coffee, in its 1,000 gm packaging, indulges coffee connoisseurs at any time of the day. Whether portafilters, conventi- onal filter machines or manual filters – thanks to its optimally adjusted grinding degree and the well-balanced roast, it never ceases to unfold its ex- traordi- nary aroma to the optimum.
filter coffee
100% arabica
365 life filter coffee packaged in ready portions! The sachets are perfectly suitable for preparing fresh coffee for pots up to 2.2 litres.
filter coffee
100% arabica
With 365 life milk chocolate style, modern restaurateurs serve delicious hot chocolate. And chocoholics truly get their money’s worth: The full-flavou- red beverage is very appealing, whether served from a machine or prepared by hand, but best had with milk.
milk chocolate style

365-life topping powder
With 365 life topping powder, modern restaurateurs are offered a high-quality milk substitute for their full-automatic machines. Whether cappuccino, latte macchiato or full-bodied cocoa - thanks to this high-quality milk powder, every hot beverage specialty succeeds in no time.
topping powder